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February 14, 2021

Ways your Intranet can help with compliance

What is compliance?

Generally, compliance means adhering to a rule, such as a policy or law. 

Compliance should be an essential part of your organisations operations. In a business context it is defined as the process of making sure your company and employees follow laws, regulations, standards and practices, these could apply to

  • Your organisation
  • Your industry
  • Your country 

Taking preventative measures can feel like a challenge but it can save your company its reputation in the end. The purpose is to protect your business.

While this all sounds sombre, the good news is that it need not be complicated – the easiest way to achieve peace of mind is through your intranet!

Let us look at a number of ways you can use your intranet to achieve quick wins in compliance.

Policy Library

One of the key use cases for an intranet is providing a centrally- controlled library for important official documents, where all employees can access the very latest policies, procedures and forms, knowing that they are accurate and up-to-date. Senior management can feel comfortable knowing that staff are accessing the single version of the truth. A good policy library not only provides easy access for employees, but also supports content owners in ensuring only the very latest versions of documents are accessible

, Ways your Intranet can help with compliance

Mandatory read

Distributing important policies and procedures via email may sound like a good idea to reach everyone who needs to know – but can you tell who’s actually reading them? It’s important these documents are understood by employees for your own business standards and objectives, but even more so when it comes to industry laws and guidelines.

Being able to report on who has or hasn’t read provides business security 

, Ways your Intranet can help with compliance

Re-enforce the company message  

Message statements such as vision, mission and values form the foundation for all activities in an organisation. These key statements need to be communicated and making them highly visible on an intranet is one way of achieving that. Combining them with a mandatory read makes sure the statements are re-enforced.  

, Ways your Intranet can help with compliance


Is your organization required to follow strict guidelines as to how they save, use and archive files in order to be compliant with auditors? This can be difficult to manage, particularly when you have multiple employees accessing and using the same documents.

By using a comprehensive versioning tool within your intranet, you can track how, when and who has edited documents. Systems like GreenOrbit allow you to revert to previous versions to see the audit trail of changes logged over time giving you one less thing to worry about – even when working with external auditors. 

, Ways your Intranet can help with compliance

Maintaining Employee Information 

People are at the centre of your business and should be the centre of your intranet. It’s key that they can be found easily, the importance of accurate employee profiles is obvious.  Think about officers such as first aiders or fire wardens so that they can be identified easily 

, Ways your Intranet can help with compliance

In order to maintain accurate profiles you could consider creating a form that sends updates to your HR team

, Ways your Intranet can help with compliance

Company brand guidelines and digital assets

Your brand helps set you apart from the competition, everything from your logo, colour palettes, font selection, your website, your social media experiences and your tone of voice. A strong brand will provide value to your organization in multiple ways 

How often have you come across distorted images, wrong fonts and colours? Complying with the company branding guidelines is vital. This is why a central place to store the latest branded materials e.g. logos, branded templates, company images is essential. Your Intranet is the ideal place to store the guidelines and assets 

Your Intranet should lead the way for maintaining brand guidelines and consistency; you could consider publishing the Intranet style guide so that all your administrators can follow it 

, Ways your Intranet can help with compliance

Want to know more about how GreenOrbit can support compliance in your organisation? Contact a consultant for a personalized demo.

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Article written by Toby Milner

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