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The best intranet software has the power to transform your business

Everything you need, built in.

Easy to use

No technical expertise required
Easily managed by your Communications or HR teams
Free access to our support portal & knowledge base
Deployed in weeks, not months
No need for expensive third-party intranet consultants
24-hour technical support by team of intranet experts

Easy to manage

Lighten the load on IT with a cloud-based deployment [high availability with unlimited storage]
Alternatively for companies who prefer to keep things in-house install on your own infrastructure
Upgrades included and unlimited technical support
Active Directory and SAML Authentication
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Your Employee Engagement Platform

Employee engagement is a top priority for companies who want to drive productivity and win the war on talent. Deliver a digital workplace experience that gets people going - finding what they need, collaborating, soaking up the culture, and coming back for more. Your intranet software is key to making your company the place to work.

Onboard new starters

20% of new starters leave within 45 days. Turn this around by centralizing forms, training, and induction materials on your intranet to deliver an exceptional onboarding experience.

Recognize great work

Recognition is at the heart of employee engagement - use your intranet as a platform to showcase success and celebrate the work of individuals and teams.

Build a strong culture

Put your goals, mission and purpose front and center on your intranet and build connection with effective internal communications and social collaboration.

Foster wellbeing

People are not robots. Employee wellbeing should be top of mind for businesses who want an engaged and productive workforce. Make your intranet portal the go-to place for managing stress and staying healthy.

Encourage continuous learning

Use your intranet as a ‘learning hub’ – where employees can access the on-demand training they need to meet compliance requirements, progress their careers, and get work done.

Engage your remote workforce

How do you drive collaboration in globally dispersed teams? Make your intranet ‘true north’ for remote workers – a place where they can connect and keep up to date. With the GreenOrbit App, remote employees can access news, activity feeds, files and social tools – anywhere, any time.


Highly engaged teams show 21% greater



Your Collaborative Intranet Portal

Effective collaboration is more important than ever – it’s the secret sauce of innovation and competitive advantage. But it doesn’t just happen. Your people need the right tools and a space to collaborate. Your GreenOrbit intranet is the best way to share documents, ideas and conversations within and across your company.

Stop the email overload

Use social channels for topic-based conversations and keep everyone in the loop. Share ideas and resources in real-time – with everything organized and searchable. Increase transparency and let nothing fall through the cracks.

Make space for collaboration

Reduce email traffic and improve team collaboration by giving employees a private and secure space on your intranet platform. A place to brainstorm ideas, share files, deal with sensitive information, and move work forward.

Connect your people

The best intranet software allows you to access and surface valuable information about your staff. Build detailed profiles. Find experts, assemble teams, and foster relationships.

Keep everything in one place

Bring everything together on your intranet - documents, forms, calendars, communications, and social conversations. Without constant platform switching, your employees can focus on the job at hand.


Your Content Management System

Your GreenOrbit intranet is an all-in-one CMS and document management tool. Organize your documents, images, reports and presentations in a central Enterprise CMS - with files categorized and tagged for easy retrieval.

Develop a flexible Information Architecture

Declutter and get your content organized and categorized in a way that makes it easy for employees to find what they need to get work done. The GreenOrbit intranet experts can help you get there.

Keep audit trails for version control

In a collaborative environment, documents are constantly being updated. Use your GreenOrbit intranet to keep track of changes and easily roll back to previous versions.

Get organized with metadata and tags

Metadata describes a file and makes it easy to find – for example; dates, locations, and authors. Create categories that make sense for your organization. Use @mentions or #channels for even greater discoverability.

Decentralize content ownership

Remove bottlenecks and make life easy for your intranet content creators – using GreenOrbit, they can create and publish content with a few clicks. Control access to content with multi-tiered permissions. Define the viewing, editing and creation rights of every user and content item.

Your intranet with built in content management

Iwan Westfa, IT Manager at ECORYS says “I’ve seen a lot of CMS systems, but GreenOrbit is by far the easiest to use.”
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Your Internal Communications Software

How do you make sure your message cuts through the noise? How do you make it stick? Emails get lost, go unanswered and end up in tangled threads. With all the disparate communication channels – it’s hard to know who’s seen what. Use your GreenOrbit intranet to calm the chaos - driving outcomes, not just output.

Make your message stick

News, announcements, employee stories and customer case studies – GreenOrbit gives you the tools to create visually engaging intranet content. Drive adoption and keep them coming back for more.

Encourage two-way communication

Internal communications is about more than announcements from the top. Your GreenOrbit intranet portal gives you a two-way channel where employees can engage and contribute.

Get creative

‘The Rundown’, ‘The Tomorrow’, ‘Eddie’ - give your intranet a name that resonates. Use video, photos, quick polls, themed days or inspirational quotes to level-up your intranet and create a sense of excitement.

Smash the Silos

Departments have different goals and getting on the same page can be difficult. This is where an intranet platform for communication, cooperation, and coordination can help to break down the silos and bridge the information gaps.


"Communication barriers cost the average organization $62.4 million per year in lost productivity".

Holmes Report


Your Human Resources Hub

HR transformation is part and parcel of the new world of work. Human Resource professionals are looking to spend less time on ‘busy work’ or ‘administrivia’ and more time focusing on broader business strategy. GreenOrbit takes the grunt work out of the equation.

Get business forms online

Manual processes are a thing of the past. Build online forms and create custom, multi-stage workflows to maximize operational efficiency, visibility, and accountability. No technical skills required.

Automate workflows

Check your calendar, apply for leave and get it approved – without leaving the intranet. With process automation, equip your employees to complete training tasks, navigate documents, and meet all compliance requirements.

Ensure compliance with Required Read/View

How do you make sure employees read crucial material – particularly from a compliance point of view? Using your intranet’s Required Read/View feature, you can keep track of who has read what, and easily report on outcomes.

Save time with self-managed profiles

Custom profiles allow employees to self-manage information - sharing their interests, experience, and areas of expertise. Updates automatically sync with Active Directory.

Centralize training

Employees need access to up-to-date training resources. Gather material on your intranet and assign a compliance workflow – be confident that people are across the skills they need to get work done.

Encourage self-service

Put an end to the dreaded “have you got two minutes?” question. Empower employees to find the information they need, exactly when they need it. Wellness programs, FAQs, incentives, ride-share initiatives – get it all online and make it easily accessible to all.


"It was time to digitize and centralize our communication and HR to say goodbye to paper once and for all".

Angela Ro, LOWES

Over 2000 clients world-wide use GreenOrbit as the front door to HR.

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Your Out-of-the-Box Productivity Platform

Productivity takes a hit when employees waste time navigating shared drives and obscure folders to find the information they need. Get your assets organized in one central location alongside the collaborative conversations that bring them to life. You can measure your intranet’s ROI based on the concrete productivity gains that a GreenOrbit intranet can provide.

Everything in easy reach

It takes 23 minutes on average for an employee to refocus after a distraction. Consider how that adds up over a work year. Stop the platform switching and process paralysis - bring your productivity tools together in your GreenOrbit intranet.

Enterprise Search

Search is at the heart of a great digital workspace. With GreenOrbit enterprise search, users can enter words and phrases or use wildcards and filters to find exactly what they’re looking for. Combine this with our unique tagging system and you have the ultimate search experience.

Any time, on any device

On the road, in the office, or working from home, use GreenOrbit to get work done. The responsive design means your intranet looks great on any device – and for the ultimate mobile experience, use the GreenOrbit App to access all the information that matters to you – no matter where you are.

Comprehensive analytics

Use GreenOrbit intranet analytics to obtain real-time and historical information about your intranet. Improve usability and productivity by pinpointing the content and pages that users engage with the most.


How your intranet can increase productivity

We listen to our clients and understand how daily distractions and disparate tools can dampen productivity. Put an end to all that with GreenOrbit.
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Your Customized, Branded Intranet

Customize and configure your intranet platform to suit the way you work - design, functionality and security. An intranet that grows and changes with you.

Make it look the way you want

Your intranet should reflect your culture and brand. Using GreenOrbit layouts, you can get content looking just right. Lean on the UX design experts at GreenOrbit to help you achieve the optimal digital workplace experience.

Make it work the way you want

Workflows, permissions, navigation and user experience. Design an intranet that meets your unique challenges and inspires your people to go further, and faster.


"GreenOrbit have been really responsive to everything that we’ve needed. The customer service has been fantastic".

Benson Radiology

Get going

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