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The best social intranet software for your employees

Get your people together with the right intranet

The world moves fast. Disruption and transformation are around every corner - and businesses can struggle to keep up. Collaboration is more important than ever - it fuels innovation, reduces time to market, and makes good companies, great.

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Empower employee collaboration

Equip your people to go further and go faster with the right collaboration tools. Bring teams, ideas, and skill sets together from across the organization to get work done — and create a thriving culture of innovation, communication and engagement.

Break down the barriers to collaboration

Centralize documents in one easy-to-use platform
Keep conversations flowing with built-in social tools
Share knowledge in team spaces and private groups
Find the right people with powerful Profile Directory
Support remote work with GreenOrbit App

Go even further with social

Drive real time conversations in topic-based #Channels
Target the right people with @Mentions
Drag and drop to share docs, images and video
Give instant feedback with likes and comments
Set notifications and keep track of activity

See it for yourself

Want to see how a social intranet can power up collaboration in your company? Let our intranet experts show you how.
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Build a collaborative environment for teams

Flattened hierarchies. Remote work. Agile processes. Team dynamics are shifting in the new world of work. The right intranet empowers your teams to make decisions and move quickly - with clarity, transparency and a sense of connectedness.

Bring everything together

Together, your people are powerful. And with the right digital workplace, they’ll be unstoppable. Calm the chaos of disparate tools and bring all the documents, workflows and conversations they need into one searchable platform.

Build team identity

Forming, storming, norming – support the three stages of team formation in a dedicated team site. Build it. Brand it. Make it your own. No tech expertise required. Add documents, calendars, progress reports, or training videos – whatever you need to fire up team collaboration.

Build pages together

Want a great page to describe your team’s purpose? Content creators can collaborate in GreenOrbit’s staging environment - writers, designers and subject matter experts can contribute to and approve the page before it goes live.

Streamline approvals

Waiting for decisions and document approvals can dampen the collaborative spirit. Streamline things with a simple approval process – before you publish that strategy document, get it reviewed by management and signed-off by the CEO without ever leaving the intranet.

Innovate in a safe space

Running short term projects with cross functional teams? Private Groups are the perfect solution. Invite members from across the enterprise - then share resources and ideas in a secure space. Also great for private conversations or sensitive topics.

No one gets left behind

Remote work is the new normal. Make your intranet a home base for employees who are on the road, working at home, or separated by oceans and time zones. Empower your teams to work anywhere, on any device - and stay connected with the GreenOrbit App.

70% of HR and business leaders believe workers will spend more time on collaboration platforms in the future.

2018 Deloitte Human Capital Trends


Discover the power of an intranet social network

Break down silos and stop the endless email chains. Make information accessible to all and build a culture of knowledge sharing through company-wide news and topic-specific #Channels.

Get conversations flowing

Communication is about more than top-down directives. It’s about two-way conversations and intuitive feedback channels. Give your people a voice and empower them to connect and contribute with in-built social tools.

Keep track with notifications

Social works best when people are kept in the loop. Check My Hub for what’s new in your activity feed, private groups or pinned channels. Setup notifications and alerts for changes to CMS pages, online forms, calendars, homepages and more.

Get focused

A company’s intranet is only as good as its content. Empower your team with user-friendly content management to keep your intranet up-to-date and your people engaged.

Take an agile approach

Setting up the structure of your intranet has never been easier. Quick links, News, Calendars, Profile Directory - drag and drop components using GreenOrbit’s intuitive Layout Manager. No coding or technical wizardry required.

Share media

Video presentations, customer stories, scribbles from a brainstorm - share them on GreenOrbit social channels and ignite the collaborative spark. Don’t lose precious resources in personal email threads – get them noticed in a searchable secure intranet.

Learn from each other

Insightful client meeting? Inspiring conference? Post your experiences to a dedicated #Channel and watch the collaborative sparks fly – colleagues can comment, ask questions and learn from the collective wisdom.


Put everything in easy reach

Employees have more tools and assets to manage than ever before – it’s exhausting. Reduce stress and drive productivity by getting everything organized in a central hub. Move past the endless platform-switching and “where is that file?” distractions.

Share resources

Effective collaboration relies on sound content management. The GreenOrbit CMS makes it easy to upload, organize, and edit files. Check the version history to see what changes have been made. Easily rollback to a previous version if needed.

Find the right people

Need a French speaker? Lack video editing skills? Search your intranet’s Profile Directory to find and collaborate with experts across the enterprise. Find people by name, location, skills or experience – refine further with filters like job, title and location.

Find the right information

Don’t waste valuable collaboration time looking for lost files or conversations. GreenOrbit’s powerful Enterprise Search makes it easy to find exactly what you need. Filter by type (news, images, video and more) along with tags that make sense for your organization.

Find the right tools

Book a brainstorming session, edit a document, add a milestone to the calendar, view a SharePoint file – no matter what kind of work they’re doing, teams are more agile and collaborative when they have the right tools in front of them.

Creating a space for collaboration

97% of employees believe that lack of alignment and collaboration negatively impacts team outcomes. Download our free white paper to see how organizations can engage teams and build a truly collaborative culture.
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Say goodbye to silos

Despite citing it as a strategic imperative, companies struggle with collaboration. It’s not that people refuse to cooperate – it’s that they tend to be siloed in their own departments and lose sight of what other teams are doing. The right intranet can get everyone moving in the same direction.

Collaborate across the enterprise

Built in social, calendars, easy content creation and sharing – GreenOrbit paves the way for collaboration across your enterprise. It’s a central platform for communication, cooperation, and coordination. Available at any time, on any device.

Synchronize schedules

Meetings, conferences, celebrations – it can be hard to keep up with what everyone is doing. A company-wide calendar can help different departments get on the same page. See where everyone is – even if they’re working remotely.

Build a culture of trust

Trust is at the heart of every great collaboration. Empower your people to share their ideas and contribute to the bigger picture. Move collaborative conversations out of email chains and onto your intranet - increase transparency, recognise great work, and drive engagement.

Foster relationships

A socially enabled intranet provides a safe space for employees to make connections and build relationships. They can find like-minded colleagues with Profile Directory, share milestones in social channels, and take part in those crucial water cooler moments.

Build connections and drive engagement

Carter Thermal Industries use My Hub as an "internal LinkedIn" - engaging staff socially, with the aim to then engage them in business.
Read the Case Study

Get going

Let’s explore how GreenOrbit can get your organization where it needs to go. Schedule a demo with one of our intranet experts today.
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