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An intranet customized to your organization’s needs

Why you need a customizable intranet

With intranets it’s never a case of one size fits all - your culture, goals, and ways of working are unique and evolving. You need a digital workplace that reflects your organization now and into the future. The way your intranet looks, the way it works – crucial elements for driving adoption, engagement and ultimate productivity.

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Get your intranet just right

GreenOrbit is flexible and customizable, providing endless possibilities for an exceptional digital workplace experience. Configure the design, functionality, security, and permissions just the way your organization needs and wants it. What can you expect from a GreenOrbit customizable intranet?

Easy ways to design and build

Drag and drop - no technical expertise required
Create your color theme based on your style guide and branding
Starter templates to get you going
Fully customizable layouts, pages, and staff profiles
Responsive on any device
Purpose built components (like News and Calendar) with multiple display options

Configurable ways to work

Personalize the employee experience with targeted content
Create multiple uniquely branded sites to suit your organizational structure
Automate your unique workflows
Work with our Customer Success specialists to build robust Information Architecture
Localize content in any language


"GreenOrbit’s functionality, flexibility, and ease of use cannot be compared"

Benson Radiology


Drive adoption with beautiful intranet design

Employee expectations are at an all-time high. To attract and retain the best people, deliver a digital workplace experience that sparks joy and smashes the barriers to getting work done.

Drag and drop layouts

Setting up the structure of your intranet has never been easier. Quick links, News, Calendars, Profile Directory - drag and drop components using GreenOrbit’s intuitive Layout Manager. No coding or technical wizardry required.

Custom themes

The power is in your hands to brand your GreenOrbit Intranet, when you want, how you want. Self-service theming allows you to respond quickly to changes in branding as your organization requires. You may choose to uplift your intranet with multiple color schemes linked to your campaigns, seasons, and initiatives. Extend your customization further though the use of custom CSS styles that personalizes the look of your Intranet.

Your pages, your way

Need a page to describe the latest sales process? No problem. Want to include eye-catching headings, an infographic, and an explainer video? Now you’re talking! GreenOrbit’s rich text editor makes it super easy to craft a compelling story – your way.

Put your stamp on staff profiles

Staff profiles are crucial to connection and collaboration. What information should they contain? That’s totally up to you. Keep it corporate with fields like job title, location, and skills - or get social with fields for hobbies, pet photos or favorite snacks. Match profiles with your company culture.

Combine flexibility and governance

A thriving intranet is flexible and customizable but it shouldn’t be a free for all. Clear governance helps you ensure quality across your intranet articles and pages. Keep control with a streamlined approval process – no crazy neon colors or endless lists of links, unless you want it that way!

Don’t go it alone

Lean on our team of Customer Success specialists who live and breathe intranets. They’ve worked with over 2000 clients around the world to deliver engaging, intuitive and personalized digital workplaces. They’re ready to help you too.

Responsive design for any device

Maybe you’re an airline whose pilots use Surface Pros, or a global retailer whose floor staff use iPads. Customize layouts for any device and easily define breakpoints based on the widths you want to target.


Deliver an exceptional digital experience

Your intranet design looks amazing but does it help people get their work done? Does it show them the content that’s relevant to them and their role or location? Is it intuitive - backed by UX best practices and the latest in design thinking? GreenOrbit provides all the flexibility you need to make YOUR INTRANET work for YOUR PEOPLE.

Get personal

Like customers, employees expect a personalized digital experience. They want content that is meaningful to them. Use GreenOrbit permissions to serve up personalized content. Target specific personas, roles, or locations – help your employees focus on what matters most.

Bring Design Thinking to life

A great digital workplace depends on a human-centered approach to design. Do the research. Walk a mile in your employee’s shoes to truly understand their challenges. Then use GreenOrbit to deliver an intranet that meets these challenges head-on. Our team of intranet experts are standing by - ready to help.

Automate your unique workflows

Still using paper forms? It’s ok, no judgment here. Every organization has distinctive challenges and maybe a few old processes. Vacation requests, incident reports, onboarding - GreenOrbit can help you automate forms and workflows and get work going.

Speak their language

GreenOrbit can be localised in any language – with most available out-of-the box. If your organization has offices around the world, you can tailor the languages to suit. Multiple sites, multiple languages.

See it for yourself

Grab a coffee, sit back, and let one of our Intranet Specialists show you the power of a customized intranet.
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An intranet to match your organizational structure

Your company structure is like no other. Multiple brands, separate divisions or locations around the globe. Make a separate site for each - apply a consistent look and feel across sites or celebrate differences!

GreenOrbit customers are like snowflakes

Cold and slushy? No! Each unique in their own way. For example, Cotton On Group (Australia’s largest global retailer) have separate sites for head office, distribution centres, and global retail stores – all sporting a unique look but closely aligned with company culture and branding.

Create Team Spaces

You know your teams best. Create customized spaces where they can collaborate and connect. Set up private groups based on projects, locations or roles – easily add or remove groups as your organization evolves.

Build an Information Architecture that works for you

There’s no silver bullet for effective knowledge management. How do you organize information to best serve your unique business goals? Our intranet experts can help you categorise and organize your content – and make it easily searchable using tags and metadata.

Multiple Sites for different roles and goals

What’s important to your organization? Need a virtual Town Hall or a Newsroom? Maybe you want a HR Hub or an IT Help Desk? Create unique sites within your intranet and populate them with components that meet your objectives – social feeds, polls, calendars, blogs and more.

Intranet Design Examples

For over 10 years we have worked with leading companies to deliver an exceptional digital workplace experience. Our case studies provide intranet examples you can use today.
Explore our case studies

Get going

Let’s explore how GreenOrbit can get your organization where it needs to go. Schedule a demo with one of our intranet experts today.
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