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Connecting franchisors with their franchisees 

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An Intranet for Franchise Organizations  

Addressing communication challenges and smoothing the way for franchise success
Central location for all your important franchise documents, marketing/sales collateral, procedures and employee manuals. Using GreenOrbit's security permissions you can control who can view certain information. 
Keep franchisees updated with the latest news and trends. Create engaging and informative articles and blogs easily. Approved team members can submit an article, and create the content in a feature-rich text editor
Create a community that will encourage your franchise network to share ideas and knowledge. Our enterprise social network features will help you build a culture that encourages the workforce to ask questions and share feedback. Our mobile app will help those non office based employees to join in the conversation. 
Don’t waste time on paper-based forms and complicated processes – get everything streamlined for your franchisees with GreenOrbit’s online forms and workflow.
An Intranet can help the franchisor ensure franchise-wide compliance. Corporate logos, adverts, marketing materials and other branding resources can all be held centrally. Contracts or agreements across the franchise can also be stored for easy access.

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