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Connect Franchisees and Build your Franchise Community using GreenOrbit Intranet Software  

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An Intranet for Franchise Organizations

As your franchise organization grows, challenges may begin to surface e.g. maintaining effective communication, continuous access to accurate information and franchisee support. If these challenges are not addressed head-on then commercial, brand and workforce risks begin to creep in. GreenOrbit will satisfy the needs of head office, support managers, regional managers, franchisees and employees.

Build Better Communication with your Franchise Intranet

A successful franchisor-franchisee relationship is built on discussions that derive from honest, two-way communications. Franchisors need to stay in touch with their franchisees to educate, inform and keep morale high. A lack of communication can take a serious toll on franchise owners, particularly on the financial side of things. Without clear communication or feedback opportunities, changes can trickle down from head office to the franchisees providing limited time to make necessary adjustments to sales and operations. 

Having an Intranet for your Franchise can help you build better communication in the following ways:
Facilitate quick and easy two-way communication (bottom up and top down)
Push out news, announcements & information effortlessly, and in “real time”
Keep everyone up to date and on the same page, without communications getting lost in, and contributing to overflowing email inboxes.
Communicate to franchisees through one central system and establish the intranet as the “source of truth”
Break down the barriers and make franchisors more accessible to franchisees; increase transparency and make sure franchisees feel as though they are being kept in the loop.

Manage your Branding and Reputation within your Franchise Intranet

Franchises work in part due to consistency of brand, design, and service. Franchisors expect customers to be able to walk into any outlet and have the same brand experience. Having different pricing, marketing materials, logos/pictures, brand slogans or promotions is embarrassing and potentially damaging, calling into question the consistency of the business.

With a GreenOrbit Intranet for your Franchise you can: 
Ensure a consistent message is delivered by all franchisees across the board
Deliver an avenue for franchisees to give feedback on the success of different marketing campaigns
Provide quick and easy access to the most up to date operating manuals/procedures and brand/marketing guidelines
Take the pain out of distributing and managing advertising collateral

How An Intranet Can Help Franchise Organisations

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Community and Culture 

Workplace culture has a major impact on how you get your work done and how you feel every day, both on and off the job. A poor culture can induce stressful and negative employee experiences, which could eventually result in reduced and adverse business outcomes and low productivity.
Develop a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, empowering franchisees to draw on each other’s experiences, opinions, ideas and feedback
Engage and motivate your franchise family. Get the conversation flowing using social networking functionality, this will help you build a community-based culture that encourages staff to ask questions and share feedback with their peers and partners.

Support for Franchisees

A huge amount of effort and resource from the franchisor and franchisee will have been devoted to setting up the business. The last thing either party wants is for the business to struggle because of a lack of support. The franchisor’s top goal is to support their franchisees, making sure they happy, healthy and secure in order to perform at a high level. If the franchisee gets that support from the franchisor they are going to have no problem going the extra mile, enthusiastically cooperating with the strategy and growth ambitions.
Provide an engaging online problem solving environment
Allow you to set up a knowledge base to provide 24/7 support and mentoring for your franchisees
Cut down the number of support calls from franchisees by providing them with the resources and information.
Create and manage your franchise’s forms online, in one central location. Reduce the need for manual forms and processes, and ensure that completed forms reach the appropriate people in “real time”.
Make quick work for processes like requesting branded marketing materials or supplies

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