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An intranet to free up time and drive productivity

Documents, workflows and collaboration: bring it all together and get work going

Disparate tools and processes hold your organization back. Launch a new kind of productivity with an intranet that centralizes all documents, information, forms, and processes. Create a digital workplace where people get work done faster, better, and with less hassle.

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Empower people to do great work

Around the world, over 1.2 million employees start the day with GreenOrbit. Getting the latest news, connecting with colleagues, managing workflows and documents - finding everything they need to get work done.

Smash the barriers to

Centralize document management on your intranet
Digitize your forms and get them online
Assign Edit or Read Only access as required
Use metadata and tags for a powerful search experience
Support remote work with responsive intranet and native mobile app

Save time and harness collective knowledge

Solve problems in real time with a collaborative social network
Build a knowledge base - tagged and categorized for easy retrieval
Setup a document approval process
Encourage self-service and cut down on time-wasting distractions
Find experts fast with a customizable profile directory
Organize documents, conversations, and people in one searchable location

See it for yourself

Wasting time on ‘administrivia’? Running from place to place to get documents approved? Use GreenOrbit to automate workflows just the way you want - no technical expertise required. Let our intranet experts show you how.
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Your Company’s Engine Room

Your intranet should be a productivity powerhouse. Say goodbye to paperwork and the clumsy processes that slow everyone down. Online Document Management. Workflows. Content Creation. Empower people to do their best work – your business success depends on it.

Let HR focus on people, not paper

Recruitment, onboarding, employee engagement - HR teams have big fish to fry! Get forms and compliance documents online. Stay in control with ‘required read/view’ and a friction-free approval process. Free-up time to focus on wider business goals.

Level-Up Internal Comms

Keep everyone informed and headed in the right direction. Empower your internal communicators with intuitive content creation tools – drag and drop layouts, customizable templates, and a fully featured text editor. Decentralize ownership to relieve bottlenecks and keep information flowing.

Take the load off IT

A cloud-based intranet is fast to deploy, easy to upgrade and a breeze to manage. Powered by Amazon Web Service (AWS) – GreenOrbit Cloud is reliable, secure, and scalable. Make life even easier with Single Sign-On (via SAML) and Active Directory Authentication.

Build a culture of learning

Did you know that a 10% increase in employee training can lead to an 8.6% increase in productivity? Imagine the impact if you could centralize training on your intranet and make it easily accessible to all – with compliance and ‘must-read’ workflows built in.

Work the way you want

Intranet productivity looks different in every organization. You need a highly flexible digital workplace that can be easily configured to meet your unique and evolving needs. Workflows change, businesses pivot – choose an intranet that can grow and change with you.

Ignite cross-departmental collaboration

The message is loud and clear - silos are slowing us down. But how do you get departments talking? A centralized and socially enabled intranet is a major step in the right direction. It brings everyone together – sharing ideas in #Channels, solving problems and moving work forward.

A simplified file management system

“The biggest benefit we have achieved is access to documents that are up to date. GreenOrbit has allowed us to be more innovative in the way that we operate.”
Benson Radiology
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A Project Manager’s Dream

Project teams thrive on collaboration and connection – set your people up for success with an intranet that brings documents and conversations together in one searchable platform.

Create a space for collaboration

Breakout rooms, in-house cafes – we know that physical environments are crucial for effective collaboration. Just ask the team at Google. The same is true for your digital workplace - create team sites or private groups and give employees the space to brainstorm, connect and innovate.

Focus on findability

Information is only as good as your team’s ability to find it. Categorize documents with custom metadata – ‘policy’, ‘training’, ‘status report’ or whatever tags make sense for your project. Then use GreenOrbit’s powerful search filters to zero-in on the right content.

Get organized with team calendars

Schedule team meetings, see who’s on leave, highlight milestones. Use calendars to keep everyone on time and on budget. Overlay team calendars to get a bird’s eye view of what’s happening across the company.

Celebrate great work

Want to hold onto your best people? Looking to accelerate team productivity? Frequent recognition is a vital piece of the employee engagement puzzle. Create a #shoutout channel to celebrate individuals and teams – and use it regularly.

Plan, create, iterate

GreenOrbit supports your team at all stages of a project - from scheduling tasks in a central calendar to uploading, editing and approving documents. Use social tools to provide feedback and thrash out the big issues in real-time.

Check your team’s pulse

Quick polls are a simple but effective way to check-in with team members through your intranet. How do they feel about the workload? Do they understand business objectives? Are we having pizza or sushi for lunch?


Leave paper behind for good

Workflows are flexible and powerful. Set them up to include as many steps as you need, each configured the way you want it - with instructions and notifications along the way.

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

Mark Twain


Your personal productivity platform

Seize the day! GreenOrbit is the front door to the tools you need get work going every day.

Find the tools you need

What tools are available? Am I using the right one? From your intranet, you can easily link to the tools you use to get work done - LMS, Sales Reporting, BI tools, and HR Systems. Start the day with everything at your fingertips.

Stay connected

My Hub is at the heart of your personal intranet experience. Check your activity feed to keep up with the people and conversations you follow. See what’s going on in your private groups and pinned channels.

Plan your day

Need to book a meeting or have lunch catered? Use your intranet’s centralized booking system to get everything organized. Even if you have offices around the globe – you will only see the rooms and resources available to you.

Easily upload, edit and find documents

Reports, presentations, proposals – GreenOrbit makes it easy to upload and edit documents. Add metadata for findability and use tags to share updates with your team. Don’t trawl through file folders and email threads – use powerful search filters to find what you need and keep moving.

Do first things first

Go to My Hub to check in on the 'must reads' assigned to you. Not only does it mean you stay up to date, but your manager can see that you’re hitting those compliance targets too.

Take care of admin

Don’t waste time figuring out how to submit an expense report, log a help desk enquiry, or request leave. It’s all there ready to go, front and center on your intranet – click, submit and move on.

7 Ways to Unlock Productivity

Up to 68% of employees don’t have enough hours in the day to get work done. Relieve the stress with a centralized intranet platform that speeds-up processes, fosters easy collaboration, and helps people to focus on what’s important. Download our eBook to find out how.
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Get going

Let’s explore how GreenOrbit can get your organization where it needs to go. Schedule a demo with one of our intranet experts today.
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