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Case Studies

Fox Sports

FOX Sports use GreenOrbit to centralize communication amongst a 24hr workforce.
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Ecorys, use #Channels to broadcast communications and to collaborate across a global workforce.
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George Washington University

The George Washington University use GreenOrbit's Enterprise Social Network tools to connect people & Information.
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Benson Radiology

Benson Radiology moved to GreenOrbit & solved their document management challenges.
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Carter Thermal

CTI use GreenOrbit like an internal LinkedIn, with the aim to engage them in business.
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GreenOrbit enables Kathmandu to communicate efficiently to their rapidly expanding network of retail stores.
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Guides and eBooks

Technical Kit

Dive into GreenOrbit infrastructure, explore intranet specifications, and get all the technical information you need.
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Budgets Infographic

See how organizations are investing in tools to support collaboration and communication
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Features Checklist

Get an overview of all the features you need to set your people on the path to success.
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Business Case Builder

To help with the development of your business case the GO team have created a useful template
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Intranet Team

To help you understand the roles and responsibilities in more detail, the GO team have put a useful guide together
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3 Ways to Make Your Intranet a Launchpad for Success

Transform your digital workplace and launch your organization to new levels of productivity.
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7 Ways to Unlock Productivity With Your Intranet

Download this E-Book to unleash the power of your intranet and get your people going.
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5 Barriers to Productivity in the New World of Work

How do you overcome the barriers and get work going?
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From Concept to Reality - Crucial Considerations for Your Intranet

Download this E-Book and kickstart your intranet project.
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