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Manage your Intranet with the right team onboard 

What is the role of an Intranet Team 

Getting representation and buy-in across the organization is critical to the success of the Intranet, from the time of the initial rollout as well as post-launch to ensure it remains a successful project. Creating the right team and defining responsibilities is at the core of ensuring this success. 
To help you understand the roles and responsibilities in more detail, the GreenOrbit team have put a useful guide together.  

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Your Intranet Team will fulfil the following responsibilities:

Planning, delivering, and implementing your Intranet
Ongoing management of your Intranet after launch
Refreshing and updating to the Intranet based on review points, such as; submitted feedback, user surveys, analytics review, and more.
Contributing to and ensuring continued engagement of users within the Intranet
Measuring and reporting on KPIs

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