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Around the world, over 1.2 million employees start the day with GreenOrbit. Getting the latest news, connecting with colleagues, managing workflows and documents - finding everything they need to get work done.

GreenOrbit is used by 100's of organizations in dozens of industries. Below are some key sectors that we have provided solutions to


Imagine streamlined communication from head office to stores and beyond. Use features such as News, Channels and Private Groups to communicate up to the minute information regarding products & stock levels, services, deliveries, business operations and more!. Streamline your standard operating procedures and forms from paper to online
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Healthcare organizations use GreenOrbit to communicate, manage documents and streamline processes from a central platform. GreenOrbit makes information easily accessible for healthcare workers, so they can provide exceptional care to patients
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As the financial industry undergoes consistent regulatory changes financial institutions need to be agile and competitive to ensure they continue to meet the needs of their clients. GreenOrbit supports financial businesses, to achieve growth and profitability through innovative tools that connect people to content.
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GreenOrbit contains the tools you need to achieve manufacturing competitiveness in one place. Automate processes, train staff, and communicate internally or with your supplier network. By creating a central digital location for work, you will contain costs and increase productivity to boost profit margins
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Franchise organisations use GreenOrbit to manage their important documents that are required to ensure franchise wide compliance e.g. marketing/sales collateral, procedures and employee manuals. GreenOrbit also supports consistent communications to the franchisee network. 
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