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Intranet DASHBOARD is now GreenOrbit — bringing you the latest version of the best intranet software for organizations across the globe. We know intranets, and we know the frustration so many HR, IT, and communications leaders feel with overly-complicated, unwieldy, and expensive solutions.

We believe an intranet should equip you to get your company going — not hold you back.


What is intranet software?

If your company needs to share information or news, get employees to complete online forms and documents, or create a way for coworkers to connect and communicate, you need an intranet. Many organisations use a variety of tools including email, shared drives, social networks, or paper-based manuals and files to document and disseminate information. An intranet like GreenOrbit enhances productivity by pulling all these tools into a single digital workplace — providing employees a streamlined, seamless experience to get work done and drive your organization forward.

With many intranets, you get a solution that requires extra integrations, add-ons, and consulting to get everything going. With GreenOrbit, you get a solution that provides all the features you need built in. Centralize all documents, information, knowledge, and communication. Connect employees, build culture, and mobilise your people to create, contribute, and collaborate. And do it all right away, with GreenOrbit.


Go further and faster

Every single day of the year, GreenOrbit teams around the world create intranets & portals that propel organizations to new levels of productivity - and we’ve been doing that since 1995. With over 2,000 clients in 65 countries, GreenOrbit is the place that 1.2 million users go to get work done.

Our developers make the software, our expert services team delivers the solution, and our support team is there long-term to keep things running at maximum capacity. We are obsessed with discovering the next opportunity and constantly evolving our product to take our customers further into the future. GreenOrbit is here to exceed your expectations for what the intranet experience can be.

Get going

Let’s explore how GreenOrbit can get your organization where it needs to go. Schedule a demo with one of our intranet experts today.
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