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Connecting medical professionals and healthcare facilities

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Modernize communication and collaboration and improve clincal outcomes

Healthcare organizations use GreenOrbit to communicate, manage documents and streamline processes from a central platform. GreenOrbit makes information easily accessible for healthcare workers, so they can provide exceptional care to patients

Better communication

Effective communication in healthcare environments is crucial. Healthcare organizations need to share the latest news, updates, research and developments with co-workers - the wellbeing of patients depends on this clear and accurate exchange of information
Create news categories to broadcast high level corporate directives, but also for departmental and location specific news
Move communication activities away from email, and into a central platform
Use a mobile app to ensure everyone can access your intranet from their device of choice, and introduce push notifications, so that your frontline teams won't miss out on vital updates.

Connecting healthcare workers

Making it simple to find people and connect fosters collaboration. Your healthcare Intranet should enable the development of communities, bringing together people around a common interest or shared identity
Connect your healthcare workforce using a centrally stored directory of employees
Find colleagues across the whole organization by department, location or by searching by skill, field of expertise, role etc.
Solve problems in real time with peer-to-peer support networks
Promote best clinical and administrative practice
Share latest research or field developments

5 Ways An Intranet Can Help Healthcare Organizations

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Centralize important information

One of the key use cases for a healthcare intranet is providing a centrally controlled location for official information and documents, where employees can access the very latest material, policies, procedures and forms, knowing that they are accurate and up-to-date
Senior management can feel comfortable knowing that staff are accessing the single version of the truth.
A good policy library not only provides easy access for employees, but also supports content owners in ensuring just the latest versions are accessible
Provides clarity on strategy, mission and values.
Use features like ‘must read’ to confirm receipt of readership on important information or vital healthcare documentation.

Onboarding new healthcare employees

A well-structured intranet can bring new healthcare employees up-to-speed quickly with all they need to know. It’s a well-known fact that better employee onboarding improves retention.
Provide an immersive introduction to colleagues, organizational culture, procedures and practices. Upload and share your onboarding documents, forms and images
New hires can plug into their teams and departments, meet their teammates, get guidance and mentoring and start contributing immediately.
Create an onboarding program using pages in your CMS and easily setup a compliance workflow

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