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A true out-of-the-box solution to get your organization going right away


Communicate & Learn

Keep your employees in the know and on the same page with all the features you need to centralize communications and information.

News & Blogs

Breathe Life into your intranet with business updates and engaging stories. 
Empower your people to create and publish.

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Keep track of holidays, leave requests and important company events.
Empower departments to collaborate across multiple calendars.
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Enterprise Search

Findability is at the heart of every great digital workspace. 
Empower your people to find what they need to get work done - fast.
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Profile Directory

Put a face to a name and track down skills. Search employee profiles to find experts and make collaborative connections.
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Org Chart

A visual representation of your organizaton structure, showing how various positions and roles are organized and how they relate to each other
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Online Forms & Workflows

Automate the boring stuff. Replace paper-based manual processes with online forms and attach a workflow to the approval process.
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Facility & Resource Booking

Get your meetings, facilities and catering under control. Make or view bookings in an easy-to-use calendar across all locations.
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Get new starters going and stay on top of compliance requirements. Use your intranet as a platform for effective onboarding.
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Notifications & Alerts

Bring your people back to the intranet by letting them know when content is new or changed. Notify via email or in Activity Feed.
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Quick Poll

Foster engagement by finding out what matters most to your people. Encourage feedback using single or multi-question polls.
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Intranet Analytics

Optimise efficiency by monitoring and reporting on the most popular pages. Keep track of visits, downloads, keywords and more.
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Create & Contribute

Our intranet portal includes centralized document management and a sophisticated user-friendly CMS - empowering your content creators to contribute and publish from across the organization.

Document Management

Centralize your documents and provide a single source of truth. Help people quickly find what they need anytime, anywhere.

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Required Read & View

Mark policies, procedures and training as Required Read/View for specific individuals or groups. Easily keep track of progress with a clear audit trail.

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Content Management System

Get information flowing. Use tags and metadata to keep everything organized. Publish content with an easy-to-use and feature-rich content management system.
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Digital Assets

Keep control on documents, images, videos, and presentations. Use folder an assign tags so staff can easily find what they need.
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Connect & Collaborate

Equip your people to get work done with all the features they need to discuss and solve problems, provide feedback, execute projects, and celebrate great work.

Staff Profile

Get your people noticed with self-managed user profiles. Encourage the sharing of interests, experience and areas of expertise.
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Enterprise Social Network

Get the conversation flowing with social features you know and love. Bring people and content together with @mentions and #hashtags.
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Private Groups

Get collaboration going with private groups. A secure space for real-time discussions - great for departments and project teams.
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Meet the team

The component will randomly select profiles of team members from the Profile Directory to display upon each load of the page.
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An intranet design you can create and manage. Deliver optimal engagement and performance with all the tools you need to match your brand and culture.

Layout Manager

Design pages like a pro. Drag and drop to build site templates that give your intranet a consistently professional look and layout.
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Mobile Optimization

Empower people to get on board from anywhere, on any device - your responsive intranet makes it easy to work on the go.
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Get your people going in the right direction. Add intuitive navigation to your intranet so that users can easily find what they need.
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Integrate & Manage

Configure the technology to your organization’s exact needs with our technical features.


Take your intranet further by connecting with other applications including feeds from Twitter, Facebook and more.
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Active Directory

Work natively with Active Directory to keep information up to date. User Profiles are self-managed, so no need to manually sync data.
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SAML Authentication

Embrace single sign-on and make life easier. GreenOrbit supports enterprise grade authentication processes based on SAML.
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RSS & XML Feeds

Save time and keep people informed by surfacing external news feeds automatically in your GreenOrbit intranet.
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Multi Languages

Speak their language. Localize your GreenOrbit intranet to cater for different languages or company-specific terminology.
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Get going

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