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An Intranet for Retail Organizations

Customers are the most important asset of any retail business, and exceptional customer service can only happen if your staff are engaged. Store-based staff deserve a powerful intranet experience that provides a direct channel of communication between HQ and the shop floor. GreenOrbit will satisfy the needs of head office central functions as well as store managers and employees.

Stay in Touch with your Retail Staff 

Retail management and administrators need to stay in touch with their employees to inform and educate. A lack of communication can quickly impact productivity and the morale of workers. Even a tiny incremental improvement in store performance as a result of best practice store communication can over time translate into a significant win
Communicate to staff through one central system and establish the intranet as the “source of truth”
Keep everyone up to date and on the same page, without communications contributing to overflowing and unorganized email inboxes.
Push out news, announcements & information effortlessly, and in “real time” for example; rolling out a new store, launching a new range — even recalling a faulty product
Break down the barriers and make managers more accessible to employees; increase transparency and make sure staff feel as though they are being kept in the loop.

Manage your Retail Operations

Consistency and compliance are key elements of a successful retail business. Effective management of information plays a critical role in creating operational efficiencies that ensure best practice and speed to market.
Ensure a consistent message is delivered to all employees. Share product lines and feature updates on your retail intranet to promote sales, enhance customer care, and encourage a knowledgeable workforce
Deliver a channel for store workers to give feedback on the success of different campaigns or promotions
Provide quick and easy access to the most up to date operating manuals/procedures and brand/marketing guidelines, to help retail staff serve customers better and in doing so improve sales.
Key metrics such as sales performance and profits can be published on the intranet, ensuring transparency and an informed workforce.

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Community and Culture 

Workplace culture has a major impact on how you get your work done and how you feel every day, both on and off the job. A poor culture can induce stressful and negative employee experiences, which could eventually result in reduced and adverse business outcomes and low productivity.
Develop a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, empowering staff to draw on each other’s experiences, opinions, ideas and feedback
Engage and motivate your retail family. Get the conversation flowing using social networking functionality, this will help you build a community-based culture that encourages staff to ask questions and share feedback with their peers and partners.

Support your Retail Workforce

The last thing the management teams want is for the store and its workers to struggle because of a lack of support. If the staff get the support from headquarters they are going to have no problem going the extra mile, enthusiastically cooperating with the strategy and growth ambitions.
Provide a centrally controlled location for official information and documents, where employees can access the very latest material, policies and procedures, knowing that they are accurate and up-to-date
Offer an engaging online problem solving environment e.g. set up a knowledge base to provide 24/7 support and mentoring for your store workers
Cut down the number of support calls from employees by providing them with the resources and information.
Create and manage your forms online, in one central location. Reduce the need for manual forms and processes, and ensure that completed forms reach the appropriate people in “real time”.

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