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An Intranet for Financial Services

Customers are the most important asset of any financial services organization, and exceptional customer service can only happen if your staff are engaged. Office or branch based staff deserve a powerful intranet experience that provides a direct channel of communication between HQ and frontline employees. GreenOrbit [GO] will satisfy the needs of head office central functions as well as local administrators and employees.

Manage and maintain compliance

Making sure the organization and employees follow laws, regulations, standards and practices is an essential part of any financial services companies operations. Taking measures to stay compliant can feel like a challenge but it can save your company its reputation in the end. GreenOrbit helps financial services companies stay compliant in a number of ways
Create a policy library where all employees can access the very latest policies and procedures, knowing that they are accurate and up-to-date. Senior management can feel comfortable knowing that frontline staff are accessing the single version of the truth.
It’s vital that important documents are understood by employees for business standards and objectives, but even more so when it comes to industry laws and guidelines. Being able to report on who has or hasn’t read them provides business security. Utilize GreenOrbit’s mandatory read functionality to do this.
Statements such as vision, mission and values form the foundation for all activities in any organization. These key statements need to be communicated and making them highly visible on an intranet is one way of achieving that. Combining them with a mandatory read makes sure the statements are re-enforced.

Ensure your financial services intranet stays safe and secure

Financial services companies are top targets for cybercrime, so protecting your knowledgebase of information is a top priority. Below are a number of ways GreenOrbit can keep your intranet safe and secure
GreenOrbit Cloud takes advantage of the security controls provided to us by our partner AWS to assist with the protection of your infrastructure and data. 
GreenOrbit will provide authentication to your users either by using the in-built user management system or integrate with Active Directory direct or by utilizing one of the many supported SAML identity providers.
GreenOrbit features comprehensive multi-tiered publishing permissions. These allow you to define viewing, editing and creation rights of every user and content item. 
Use GreenOrbit’s private groups functionality to share messages, files and media with your colleagues. Groups can be created for departments, project teams or anyone you need to securely communicate with. Only invited employees can access the content

Understand how GreenOrbit keeps your information secure

Connect workers, and improve company culture

Workplace culture has a major impact on how you get your work done and how you feel every day, both on and off the job. A poor culture can induce stressful and negative employee experiences, which may result in reduced and adverse business outcomes and low productivity.
Develop a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, empowering staff to draw on each other’s experiences, opinions, ideas and feedback. Get the conversation flowing using GreenOrbit’s social networking functionality
Engage and motivate your financial services family. Solve problems in real time with peer-to-peer support networks
Connect your workforce using a centrally stored directory of employees. Find colleagues across the whole organization by department, location or by searching by skill, field of expertise, role etc.

Stay in touch with your teams

Financial services management need to stay in touch with their employees to inform and educate. A lack of communication can quickly impact productivity and the morale of workers. Even a tiny incremental improvement in performance as a result of best practice communication can over time translate into a significant win
Communicate to staff through one central system and establish the intranet as the “place to go”
Keep everyone up to date and on the same page, without communications contributing to overflowing and unorganized email inboxes.
Push out news, announcements & information effortlessly, and in “real time” for example; opening a new branch, launching a new product. Keep employees updated on current industry trends and news, so that they can take advantage of financial opportunities
Break down the barriers and make managers more accessible to employees; increase transparency and make sure staff feel as though they are being kept in the loop.

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