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From Concept to Reality - Crucial Considerations for Your Intranet

Who's it for?

For anyone planning a new Intranet the intranet experts at GreenOrbit have compiled this guide to save you time and help you kickstart your intranet project.

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What you'll learn

This eBook is packed with lots tips and tricks that will help you achieve those important milestones when delivering a successful Intranet project. Contents include:

 - Defining the purpose and goals. 
 - Identifing the target audience. 
 - Developing a plan for training and supporting users.
 - Establishing policies and guidelines. 
 - Testing before launching. 
 - Creating a plan for ongoing maintenance.
 - Name your Intranet.
 - Plan a communication and launch strategy. 
 - Establish metrics for measuring success. ​​

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