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March 29, 2022

Manage your retail operations and processes using GreenOrbit

Consistency and compliance are key elements of a successful retail business. Effective management of information plays a critical role in creating operational efficiencies that ensure best practice and speed to market. Below are a few ways a GreenOrbit Intranet can help with your retail operations

Ensure the latest policies and procedures are available

Improve the sales process and cut down the number of support calls from the shop-floor by providing employees with easy access to the latest operating policies, procedures and manuals. Senior management can feel comfortable knowing that staff are accessing the single version of the truth. Use features like our ‘must read’ functionality to confirm receipt of readership on important information.  Staff can be notified that they have vital documents to read, and managers can track electronic confirmations to make sure employees comply.

Branding collateral is widely accessible

It’s near on impossible for a retail outlet to remain on brand if they can’t work out what it needs to be. Managers should have a clear set of guidelines covering everything which relates to the brand and its protection; from the brand values, to the use of logos, colors, fonts and all visual elements, to style guides and the tone of voice to be used by retailers in communications. Marketing teams can make life simple for their stores and ensure that they remain on-brand by providing a library of brand information that is easily available.  

A commercially informed workforce

Key metrics such as sales performance and profits can be published on the intranet, ensuring transparency and a commercially aware workforce. Knowing your competitors and target markets are vital for staying ahead of the game - centralise all research documents and consumer profiles on your intranet. Consider a channel for store workers to give feedback on the success of different campaigns or promotions

New employees on-boarded successfully

Make your intranet the first port-of-call for your new retail employees.  A well-structured intranet can bring your new staff up-to-speed quickly with all they need to know to get going in their new environment. It’s a well-known fact that better employee onboarding improves retention. New hires can search the profile directory and virtually meet their teammates

Provide a problem solving environment

Set up a knowledge base to provide 24/7 support and mentoring for your retail workers. A knowledge base is a collection of information that typically includes answers to frequently asked questions, how-to guides, and troubleshooting instructions. Its purpose is to make it easy for people to find solutions to their problems without having to ask for help. Store-based staff deserve a powerful intranet experience that provides a direct channel of communication between HQ and the shop floor. GreenOrbit will satisfy the needs of head office central functions as well as store managers and employees. Want to know more about how GreenOrbit can support your retail organization? Contact the team for a personalized demo.

Article written by Toby Milner

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