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July 5, 2022

How an intranet can help charities and not for profit organizations

Charities and not for profit organizations dedicate their efforts towards serving others and their community. Their efforts are concentrated on raising funds and targeting it into offering help instead of investing in internal infrastructure and business processes.

They are always under constant pressure to do a lot with very little. With resources stretched tight, it’s tough to connect with workers, volunteers and fundraisers and to; share latest updates, maintain important documents and generally stay up to date. Charities and not for profit organizations can optimize staff and volunteers time with an intranet solution.

Below we list a number of ways an easy to use, out of the box intranet like GreenOrbit can help charities and not for profit organizations towards achieving their vision and goals.

Effective communication

Effective communication within a charity is crucial. Charities and not for profit organizations need to share the latest news, updates, research and developments with co-workers and volunteers - the success of the organization depends on this clear and accurate exchange of information. Put communication tools front and center on your intranet and deliver a message that sticks.

  • Message statements such as vision, mission and values form the foundation for activities in any organisation. These key statements need to be communicated and making them highly visible on an intranet is one way of achieving that
  • Create news categories to share important information – important charity news, but also for departmental and location specific news
  • Move communication activities away from email, and into a central platform
  • Use calendar functionality to plan and share charitable events
  • With a large volunteer base working at diverse locations, the operations are scattered and can be difficult to manage. Use a mobile app to ensure everyone can access your intranet from their device of choice, and introduce push notifications, so that your frontline teams won't miss out on vital updates.
  • Use social networking features for one-to-one and group communication opening up extra opportunities for collaborating with your teams. Social networking functionality can be used to share updates, ask questions, help people in other teams and departments, and encourage staff to get involved in the work of the charity.

Access to important information

It’s important that charity workers have access to the necessary information to be able to do their jobs productively, securely and safely.

  • Centralize your policies, manuals and reports - a self-serve resource for everybody.
  • Set up a knowledge base to provide support and mentoring for your charity workers and volunteers. A knowledge base is a collection of information that typically includes answers to frequently asked questions, how-to guides, and troubleshooting instructions. Its purpose is to make it easy for people to find solutions to their problems without having to ask for help.
  • On-board new staff successfully - make your intranet the first port-of-call for your new employees.  A well-structured intranet can bring your new staff up-to-speed quickly with all they need to know to get going in their new environment. It’s a well-known fact that better employee onboarding improves retention.

Provide opportunities for feedback

It’s essential to allow your charity workers staff to have a voice, listen to their feedback, and make appropriate changes. Individuals and teams should have an opportunity to express concerns, needs, and wants. If you want to improve communication, you must be willing to listen.

  • Use our online forms functionality to gather insights from your employees. Give every user the opportunity to tell you what they feel is missing or needs to change.
  • Think about generating a quick poll for instant feedback

A successfully deployed and maintained intranet can give charities an invaluable platform that will have huge benefits to the way they work, including assisting with streamlining key business processes, improving internal communications and reducing operating costs.

Want to know more about how GreenOrbit can support your charity or not for profit organization? Contact the team for a personalized demo.

Article written by Toby Milner

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