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February 7, 2023

How an Intranet can support organisations that care for the elderly  

, How an Intranet can support organisations that care for the elderly  

Many sectors have been impacted by the pandemic crisis. The care for the elderly sector has been on the front line throughout, and even as we step out of it continues to face day-to-day challenges. With ever-changing regulations, it is challenging to provide the highest level of care for residents and keep families and friends informed – this sector has had its communication approach severely tested.   

This blog explores the benefits that a GreenOrbit Intranet would bring to the teams working in the aged care sector   

Provide a central area for updates   

  • GreenOrbit intranet software can be accessed by anyone on any device. This is great for care staff who can access key information quickly on their mobiles, tablets, PC, or other devices.   
  • From business-critical updates to the latest efficiency tips, the GreenOrbit News & Blogs feature makes it easy for approved content creators to publish engaging stories.  
  • Stop sending emails that no one reads. GreenOrbit will help you communicate guidelines and policy updates from one central source of the truth.  

Instant access to key documentation   

  • It is imperative that care staff can easily access important documents that help them provide the quality care that is expected of them, these could be for example; guidelines, operating procedures, or company policies   
  • GreenOrbit lets you build your library of documents through easy drag and drop functionality, you can additionally categorise the documents using metadata, making them even more findable via search. You can add #hashtags to the document, and then when it is updated staff can be alerted to what has changed  
  • For critical documents why not make them a ‘must read’ so that your staff can confirm that they have read that important policy change  

Help automate processes   

  • Intranet forms and workflows can simply be created to reduce, improve, or automate business processes. Using intranet forms for health questionnaires, equipment purchase, annual leave requests and other everyday requests can streamline your processes, taking out administration tasks and reducing the number of emails with attachments. You can also report on form submissions to get an instant overview and for compliance.  A new form or workflow can be created in minutes to respond to a new requirement.   

Reach out to colleagues   

  • Use social networking features for one-to-one and group communication opening extra opportunities for collaborating with your teams. Social networking functionality can be used to share updates, ask questions, help people in other teams and departments.  

Want to know more about how GreenOrbit can support your care organisation Contact the team for a personalized demo.  

Article written by Toby Milner

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