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July 5, 2022

8 ways to improve your intranet instantly

Intranet improvements can often take a considerable amount of time planning and deploying. There are some quick and easy ways you can do immediately which will make your Intranet more efficient and more usable. 

The team here at GreenOrbit have come up with 8 ways that you can do straightaway .

Make frequently used content highly visible on your home page

Use your intranet analytics to discover what content is most frequently used. Create a group of quick links to this content, so users don’t have to look for them in the navigation bar or search box.

Add striking and relevant images

Pictures help break up blocks of text and give users visual cues about what the content is all about.

There are some great free image sites, free of royalties. We like these

Review the main navigation

It’s easy for the navigation to grow out of control and become irrelevant in places. Your navigation needs to be simple and intuitive. Review your intranet’s main navigation – user centred is the way to go.  You could do some card sorting exercises with employees to understand what is important to them. Most card sorting tools have a free version of their product, which is usually enough to perform a simple exercise. A good list can be found on this link

Create a serendipitous experience

Let users discover useful content that they were not looking for. If there’s a piece of Intranet content you feel users ought to be accessing more, then highlight it prominently. One way to do this is by adding a “Featured Content” module on the home page.

Start a conversation

Get the conversation flowing using your intranets social networking functionality, this will help you build a community-based culture that encourages staff to ask questions and share feedback with their peers and partners.

Generate a poll

Quick polls are a great way to engage your workforce and encourage interactive feedback. With a few clicks you can easily have a poll up and running. For example; how do they feel about the workload? Do they understand the business strategy? Where shall we go for lunch?

Embed a useful widget

Widgets can add functionality and fun to an intranet. There are plenty of options around, some of those we have used in the past include clocks, weather forecasts, currency converters and countdown timers. A quick search for HTML widgets will return a plethora of options.

Go multimedia

How about sharing a video - video is popular and engaging. Enable leaders to communicate genuinely and employees to share personal experiences across teams to help reinforce company culture. These can be humorous or informational, or both. You can store the video file on your intranet or embed something inspirational or pertinent from other sites. Our favourite sources are YouTube or Vimeo

Want to know more about GreenOrbit Intranet and how it can incorporate all of the above features contact a consultant for a personalized demo.   

Article written by Toby Milner

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