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Connect Franchisees and Build your Franchise Community using GreenOrbit 

An Intranet for Franchise Organizations

As your franchise organization grows, challenges may begin to surface, for example; maintaining effective communication, continuous access to accurate information and franchisee support. GreenOrbit will deliver features and functionality that address those challenges head on and satisfy the needs of head office, support managers, regional managers, franchisees and employees

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Build Better Communication 

Facilitate quick and easy two-way communication to franchisees through one central system and establish the intranet as the “source of truth”

Manage your Branding and Reputation

Provide quick and easy access to the most up to date operating manuals and brand guidelines
Take the pain out of distributing and managing advertising collateral

Create a culture of  knowledge sharing

Develop a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, empowering franchisees to draw on each other’s experiences, opinions, ideas and feedback

Support your Franchisees

Cut down the number of support calls from franchisees by providing them with the resources and information. Provide 24/7 support and mentoring for your franchisees

How a GreenOrbit Intranet Can Help Franchise Organisations

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