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Intranet Analytics


Monitor and enhance user engagement

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Use GreenOrbit’s robust Intranet Analytics tools to help track user engagement and drive intranet adoption.

Analytics best practices

Monitor visitor activity and behaviours
Check peak usage times
Analyse engagement by city, country or region
Measure usage by device type

Make confident decisions

Create customized dashboards
Rely on 100% data accuracy
Maintain user privacy and GDPR compliance
Keep stakeholders informed with customised reports

Intranet Analytics and ROI

Need to justify your intranet investment? Intranet Analytics gives you the data you need to evaluate ROI and make informed improvements. GreenOrbit Intranet Analytics takes the guesswork out of making future business decisions.

Intranet data at a glance

Get a quick handle on intranet activity with data visualizations. Explore the data in time-series graphs, vertical bar graphs, pie charts or tag clouds. Easily check page views, visits over time, engagement by device type, or the paths people take when navigating the intranet.

Complete intranet analytics. Total flexibility.

Imagine an intranet dashboard that shows you exactly what’s going on in your intranet. Which news articles are people engaging with? Where does activity drop off? What are people searching for? Drag widgets into your Intranet Analytics dashboard to analyse the data that matters to your business.

Create fully customized reports

Every business is different. With GreenOrbit you can create customised reports that address your unique business goals. Using Intranet Analytics, you can:
Create daily, weekly, and monthly reports with metrics you are interested in.
Schedule and send email reports
Make reports visually appealing with charts and graphs

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