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July 4, 2019

Why Your Intranet is Crucial to Talent Retention

Studies reveal that the employees who are highly satisfied with their intranet have a high level of job satisfaction, stay longer with the company, and yield a high level of productivity.

There is always a shortage of skilled workers, so HR specialists are constantly looking for ways to retain talent.

IBM reap the benefits of e-HR

Investing in the right intranet can deliver huge benefits in productivity and employee engagement - as well as having a positive impact on the bottom line.

IBM deliver a service called e-HR via their intranet and have realised a cost savings of around $500 million a year ($284 million in e-learning alone).

Employees are loving the service - with satisfaction rising from 40% to 90% -This has led to improved engagement, retention and productivity across the organization.

Other important non-financial metrics reported by IBM include:

  • Usage and value: 80% of IBM employees access the intranet daily
  • Workforce enablement: 68% view the intranet as crucial to their jobs
  • Employee retention: 52% are more satisfied to be an IBM employee because of information obtained on w3

Build an online rewards & recognition program

Does your global workforce feel valued and part of the team?

Implement an online recognition program using your intranet, or any other project management software.

Recognition makes people feel motivated to work hard and lets them know they are contributing to the growth of the team and the company as a whole.

Recognize and reward employees who exhibit strong teamwork, creative problem solving, excellent customer support, or other positive behaviors.

Engage with your global workers through an intranet

Employees who work in the same location have benefits of collaborating with each other, but the employees based out of different locations or who work remotely don't get the same benefit and also sometimes miss a chance to get involved in team bonding activities.

Engage with them through Skype calls so that they feel strongly about the culture and the organization.

Professional development

For his book 1,001 Ways to Engage Employees, author Bob Nelson analyzed three million employee surveys and found that one of the biggest drivers of employee engagement is career development and learning.

It makes sense to provide your employees with resources such as digital libraries, online courses, and video - help address their need for career growth and advancement.

Collaborate & engage

It’s important for all employees to collaborate.

When working on projects, team members must remain in contact with each other, and fostering a collaborative work environment can boost their overall engagement.

Intranet Technology makes it easy for two or more people to work together on a project, even if they aren’t in the same room.

When team members work together and share an experience, it can create a bond. This, in turn, can curtail loneliness and make remote workers feel more involved.

One stop information

All the information regarding different departments should be present in a common place on the Intranet.

If you put HR policies & procedures online then employees can self-serve and be confident that they are accessing the latest information - and covering off any compliance requirements along the way.

Getting everything organized on your intranet provides a level of transparency that makes employees feel connected and reassured. They can keep up with the latest developments across the organization - on any device, at any time.

A great intranet is at the heart of an organization, it is crucial for building a thriving workplace culture - one that prospective employees want to join and one where the best people want to stay.

Article written by GreenOrbit Team

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