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Centralize your digital workplace tools with GreenOrbit Integrations – everything in one place for ultimate productivity.


Integrations to power-up your intranet

Do you share files on Box? Collaborate on files in Google Drive? Maybe you share work-related posts, videos, and comments on Facebook? You can use GreenOrbit components to bring it all together in one productivity platform.

Turbocharge your digital workplace

Extend GreenOrbit feature set with the third-party applications you already use
Streamline workflows with everything in one place
Surface files, media, and content from popular third-party tools
Create a seamless user experience

Surface content from popular Apps

Google Drive and Maps
CRM and HR Systems
Twitter timelines and tweets
Facebook posts, videos, and comments
Instagram posts
LinkedIn posts, articles, images and videos

Drag and drop integration

Integrating third party applications requires a lot of work, right? Wrong. Just drag a web component onto a page and add the application’s URL or embed code. That’s it. No technical expertise required.

One web component, a world of possibilities

Platform switching is a productivity killer. Using GreenOrbit Integrations, intranet users can easily launch external applications and work, save, and sync information in one central place. Why swap between five tools when you can use one?

What’s stopping you?

Keep pace with the latest apps and deliver a frictionless digital workplace where people can access all the tools they need to get work going, get in touch with us about our API.

See GreenOrbit intranet software in action

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Related Features

Keep your employees in the know and on the same page with all the features you need to centralize communications and information.

Active Directory

Work natively with Active Directory to keep information up to date. User profiles are self-managed, so no need to manually sync data.
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SAML Authentication

Embrace single sign-on and make life easier. GreenOrbit supports enterprise grade authentication processes based on SAML.
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Multi Languages

Speak their language. Localize your GreenOrbit intranet to cater for different languages or company-specific terminology.
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Get going

Let’s explore how GreenOrbit can get your organization where it needs to go. Schedule a demo with one of our intranet experts today.
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