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Is your team struggling to collaborate during the pandemic?

Or are you finding that some of the important details are getting lost in email threads?

We work with hundreds of companies who will tell you that Green Orbit's online Collaboration Solution takes the hassle out of working together online.
Centralize documents in one easy-to-use platform
Keep conversations flowing with built-in social tools
Share knowledge in team spaces and private groups
Find the right people with powerful Profile Directory
Support remote work with GreenOrbit App
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What is your team struggling with?

Some team members aren't replying to emails when they've been asked to do something

Tools like email, while still useful in some settings, fall short when it comes to collaborating. We learned that many people were complaining about emails threads that would go on forever, have 5 or more people cc'd and bcc'd, and that team members weren't sure what was directed at them, or what was directed at someone else. We learned that team members were losing track of tasks and conversations due to these lengthy email threads.

Our online collaboration solution was the solution to this problem. GreenOrbits intranet solution allow teams to:

1. Drive real time conversations in topic-based #Channels
2. Target the right people with @Mentions
3. Drag and drop to share docs, images and video
4. Give instant feedback with likes and comments
5. Set notifications and keep track of activity

I'm a manager, and I can't keep track of the work my team is doing

Managers tell us that one of the difficulties they have collaborating online is that they don't know what work is being done, and by whom.

GreenOrbit's online collaboration solution allows managers to see the work that has been completed in shared files and folders, with the team member identified who had done the work.

Our Team members working from home feel disconnected and that they're no longer an important part of our organization

We've heard first hand that employee morale has dipped as a result of working remotely. The problems this poses can be disastrous, as team members that don't feel valued or important usually see a decline in the quality of work they put out.

Our online collaboration solution includes a number of features to make your team feel more included:

1. News portals to keep your team up to date
2. Branded online platform so that your employees feel at home online
3. Real-time chat between team members
4. Message boards where team members can share their own stories and have other employees comment and/or like their stories.

We're all working from home and are finding it difficult to keep everyone on task

Corporations all over the globe are struggling with stay-at-home orders as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our customers at GreenOrbit tell us that our intranet solution has given them all the tools they needed to seamlessly transition to a home-based workplace. 

How do we do this?

1. Managers can assign tasks easily to team members with @mentions and #channels
2. Team members on different schedules can access the same documents and make live updates to their projects
3. real time conversation in topic based channels
4. Team members receive notifications whenever they are assigned a task or mentioned in a chat.

Our Team are never sure who they're supposed to talk to about certain tasks and projects

Our clients have told us that one of the difficulties their teams were having was an inability to talk between departments. Their small teams were able to collaborate together, but company-wide issues weren't being addressed because team members didn't know who to talk to.

GreenOrbit's online collaboration solution includes a company-wide profile directory. Any team member in your organization can do a simple search and find the IT guy, or the HR manager that they need to talk to to address a problem they're having.

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What you can expect

When you use GreenOrbit's collaboration tools, they'll feel like 'your' collaboration tools.

Increased Productivity

Equip your people with all the tools and documents they need in one place.

Organize files in Content Management System with no storage limits

Build online forms and attach multi-step workflows

Book resources or schedule events in calendars

Fully Customizable

Engage your people with a branded intranet that fits your company culture and processes.

Apply custom color themes to specific sites - as many as you need

Create templates and layouts using the drag and drop Layout Manager

Take complete control over all layouts – including responsive views

Content Ownership

Empower your people with an intranet that makes it easy to contribute.

Keep staff up to date with powerful News feature

Streamline the flow of content with review and approval processes

Stay in control with tiered security levels from Full Control to Read Only

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GreenOrbit (Formerly Intranet Dashboard) — brings you the latest version of the best intranet software for organizations across the globe. We know intranets, and we know the frustration so many HR, IT, and communications leaders feel with overly-complicated, unwieldy, and expensive solutions.

We believe an intranet should equip you to get your company going — not hold you back.
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