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September 26, 2017

3 Quick Wins to Achieve Compliance

Compliance can be a challenge for businesses of all types – across all industries and sizes. It may keep you up at night for a number of reasons; perhaps to survive an audit, to meet industry legislation guidelines, or to ensure employees are following your policies and procedures. While this all sounds serious, the good news is that compliance needn’t be complicated – the easiest way to achieve peace of mind is through your intranet!

Let’s look at three ways you can use your intranet to achieve quick wins in compliance.

1) Versioning

Is your organization required to follow strict guidelines as to how they save, use and archive files in order to be compliant with auditors? This can be difficult to manage, particularly when you have multiple employees accessing and using the same documents.

By using a comprehensive versioning tool within your intranet, you can track how, when and who has edited documents. Systems such as GreenOrbit allow you to revert to previous versions to see the audit trail of changes logged over time giving you one less thing to worry about – even when working with external auditors. Win!

2) Read Receipt & Reporting

Distributing important policies and procedures via email may sound like a good idea to reach everyone who needs to know – but can you tell who’s actually reading them? It’s important these documents are understood by employees for your own business standards and objectives, but even more so when it comes to industry laws and guidelines.

A comprehensive reporting tool provides business security by recording who has read your critical documents. Leading retailer, Lowes, now stores all of their important policies and procedures within their intranet, and nominate items that are ‘Must Read’ for individuals, teams or companywide.

This enables them to track and report on who has or hasn’t read the assigned content. HR Coordinator Angela Ro reflects that “Prior to the intranet, we didn’t actually know if policies were being read. With GreenOrbit, we can see exactly who has actually read the document.”

By ensuring critical policies and procedures are read and acknowledged, your organization can be sure that business will be carried out in line with your operational and industry standards.

3) Online Training

Are you still using paper based workflow and physical induction folders to on-board new employees? How can you be sure that what has been given to the employee has been read and understood?

The days of the bulky paper-based induction folders and paper based forms are long gone. These inefficient processes can be easily replicated through online training modules and questionnaires via the intranet, using online forms, workflow and notifications.

The ability to track who has and hasn’t completed training, in addition to monitoring the comprehension of the material supplied is critical. Ensuring that your employees understand the values, objectives and the expectations of your organization.

This can apply to any business scenario – not just training. The ability to record and track information for auditing purposes, and in addition make changes to reflect company or industry protocol becomes effortless when utilizing your intranet.

Compliance may seem like a scary concept – but with the right digital tools – it’s simple to establish compliance across your organization. 

Want to know more about how GreenOrbit can support compliance in your organization? Contact an intranet specialist for a personalized demo.

, 3 Quick Wins to Achieve Compliance
Article written by Toby Milner

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